Who is ?

Who is Teddy, I hear you ask. Well, Teddy is my brand new (real life) KITTEN! Obviously he gets a whole page to himself… Scroll down to find out more about him!

About Teddy

Teddy is a ragdoll (a seal lynx bicolour to be exact) and has the cutest character. We sometimes call him “Teddy Bear” or “Bear-Bear” just ’cause it’s cute 🙂 He has the most adorable blue eyes and loves to be around humans. His favourite food is cooked chicken – he gobbles it down in a few minutes! He’s spoilt to bits with tons of toys and the biggest cat tree ever. He sure is one very lucky cat…


Likes & Dislikes

I Like..

  • Eating cooked chicken
  • Playing with my favourite toys
  • Jumping on chairs
  • Sleeping (undisturbed)
  • Music playing
  • Doing things I’m not allowed to do (like biting wires)

I Dislike..

  • Being chased
  • The smell of mandarin skin
  • Getting my paws wet
  • Being disturbed
  • Getting woken up from my cat naps
  • Being carried for a long time
  • Being hungry

Teddy's (Many) Sleeping Poses

*yawn*…I’m going to have a catnap…