Master Teddy Bear

Master Teddy Bear (or more commonly known, Teddy) is a seal lynx bi-colour Ragdoll cat. We brought him home on the 21st of January 2020, and we can’t imagine life without him. He’s best known for his blue eyes, extreme fluffiness and his love of food.

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Full Name: Master Teddy Bear

Age: 2 years old

Birthday: 12th November 2020

Gender: Male

Breed: Ragdoll

Weight: 7.5kg

Best Feature: Fluffiness

Likes & Dislikes


Teddy enjoys eating, sleeping (undisturbed, that is) play sessions with his feather-teaser, getting brushed and jumping on chairs, tables and almost everything else he shouldn’t be jumping on. 


Teddy dislikes getting chased, disturbances, being woken up, getting his paws wet, being carried for too long and being home alone for an extensive amount of time.