Frequently Asked Questions

No, me and Miu Miu are NOT related in any way, despite both having “Miu” in our name. I am, well, me, and Miu Miu is the host of the Cat City News.

Yes! I have a kitten named Teddy – here’s his page: megmiu.com/my-teddy/

Unfortunately, if you live in the human world (or any other world) you can’t get to Cat City. Only the mayor (me!) and the deputy mayor, Teddy (my cat) can get to and fro from the human world to Cat City.

However, I can direct you to my website all about Cat City! Simply click here.

That’s an interesting question, considering that this site is specifically tuned to cat-lovers. However, there is an alternate universe called Puppy Nation but little information about it is known.

I especially love Ragdolls- in fact, I own one myself!  They’re so cute and fluffy – plus they’re blue eyes are gorgeous! I also love any cats that are ginger. Anyway, all cats are paw-some, no matter what!

Just click on the menu (on the top of the screen) and select “Cat City”. You should now be on catcity.megmiu.com, my website that’s dedicated to Cat City. Go to the menu again and select “Cat City News”. Select the episode you want to watch and ✨lo and behold✨, there is is! No downloading needed – simply press play! All episodes are completely free to watch. Get out your popcorn and enjoy!